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£10 from each sale to help a child

From £45.00 to £45.00

HELP FEED A CHILD .. £10 from each sale will be used to help a child.

We’ve been thinking what we can do to help a child who has not got access to hot meals or regular food or a laptop for home learning. We haven’t decided exactly how or what we will do but we know we will donate £10 from each sale to help a child. That may be food vouchers for a local supermarket for a struggling child or family, or a laptop for a child who so desperately needs it and needs a good chance at this home learning business. We just want to do our bit to help. Basically, the more of these we sell, the more we can do to help. Down to you! If you know anyone who needs this kind of help then please nominate them via our social media pages and comment on our posts.

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