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Why Buy Rachel Galley Online

She is confident, she is a statement maker, she styles with Rachel Galley. With each design made just for you, the jewellery we have here is for everyone and made for every day. Find here 5 big reasons to choose Rachel Galley style today:


Jewellery that’s made for you

Rachel Galley jewellery is made just for you! Jewellery is no longer exclusive to special days, it’s a way to express yourself, and we have the perfect designs to do it for you. Our are comfortable and versatile. Make every day a celebration with our iconic masterpieces, explore now!

Every piece with us is as unique as you! Make an impression with a perfect signature piece and be the talk of the town for your exclusive style.



Everyone’s Prices

When we say affordable, we mean it. Rachel Galley’s affordable sterling silver jewellery and gold jewellery pricing has been fixed in a way to suit everyone’s budget. Be unique and wear exclusive styling every day, we make it easy for you.


Made to fit every pocket, our jewellery is made for the everyday woman who's looking to wear something exclusive and something that makes a statement. Get the special and premium style with a price tag that's super easy on the pockets.

We make shopping fun!

Your Purchase Feeds

Every order you place with us contributes to a meal for a child in UK or India. Our programme Your Purchase Feeds donates to a healthy, balanced, and nutritious meal for a child, free of cost – made available in schools and organisations that we are tied to. Often times, this meal is the only reason children come to school - their economic status forces them to enter workforce at an early age. This nutritious meal brings the developing minds to school, promising education and prospects of growth and development. Your every purchase contributes into the well-being of tomorrow.


Environment is very important to us. We make sure that we cause no impact on the planet and partake in many initiatives to make sure we’re making this Earth a better, cleaner, and healthier place to live. Shop with us assured that there's no tarnish behind the stunning sparkle of your jewellery. We are involved in multiple sustainability and ethical initiatives, globally, to make this world a better place after. You can read on about our initiatives here: Sustainability






Unique Designs

Everyone is unique, and so you deserve something unique for yourself, too. We bring the jewellery, you add the soul to all designs. Here are Rachel Galley, we thrive on creativity, that’s why all our designs are made internally. Every piece is different a just a bit more unique than the other. With a story and inspiration behind all designs, jewellery means more than just shine to us! We absolutely love our creative process, so we can make sure you enjoy wearing it, too!

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