Cookie Policy

In the production of Rachel Galley website cookies ( are used to store anonymised data on the pages visited by all users. We have 4 categories of cookies:

1 - Necessary Cookies

These are the cookies necessary for the production of this website; they are for supplying you the service, like website security, customer service, logging in and building shopping baskets. These cookies are generated by our web systems such as Shopify.

2 – Statistical Analysis Cookies

These are the cookies that we use to monitor how we can improve your experience while visiting Rachel Galley website. These cookies don't identify individuals; they are used to anonymously identify user behaviour only on our website. These cookies are generated reated by Google Analytics and offer a series of reports detailing that trackdata such as most visited pages, or the time spent on the website and total number of daily visitors. (

3 – Personalisation Cookies

These are cookies that are used to ensure our website shows content that is relevant for your shopping behaviour. These cookies are only used to personalise the content on our website.

4 - Marketing Cookies

These are the cookies that we use to ensure the advertising that we deliver is relevant to your shopping behaviour. These often include cookies used for advertising on other websites. We use Google, Microsoft (Bing) and Facebook as our main marketing partners via the use of cookies. Details of all cookies and companies being used is available here.


By using Rachel Galley website, you are giving us your consent to set the cookies required for the functional working and improvement process of this website. Should you press accept to our cookie notice, then we may use additional cookies to make sure that any marketing we carry out is relevant to you and your shopping behaviour. That said, you can use your browser to reject all cookies, if you change your mind; this will disable this website from setting any cookies on your machine, please be aware in this case the website might not function correctly.